Friday, February 13, 2015

I was asked on a date by...

With all the talk of Valentines Day and Love this week it spiked a certain six year olds curiosity, and he had tons of questions about what people do on Valentines Day..I told him that a lot of people go on dates to which he asked if he could take me on heart pretty much melted and I couldn't say no. So this afternoon we went out to lunch together, and he opened all the doors for me like a gentleman..and I gave him money beforehand because he insisted on paying. He wanted to drive too, and almost convinced me he was a good driver because he's an amazing story teller, but that won't happen for 10 more years. Which is a scary thought. I'm constantly reminded about how much God has blessed me, and he has profusely with this one. With therapies taking up almost every night of the week, I'm always left to focus on the things Brock can't do instead of what he can do. Which is painful for me because I am always trying to see the upside to everything, so it brings me down. This tiny request from Brock made me realize that he is making so much improvements in basic conversation by expressing his wants. And he honestly asks for so little that when he does I try to honor his requests as much as possible. Yesterday for example I was so unbelievably proud of him, they were having Valentines Day Parties at school and I made too many Valentines and on the way to drop him off I asked him what he'd think of handing them out to teachers in the hallway, he liked the idea, even when I said he might not know some of it was a go. He didn't talk to any of the teachers just handed them off and practically ran, but it was huge for him because he has a lot of anxieties when it comes to social interactions. And everyone was great so it made me feel just an incredible sense of pride for Brock to face a fear head on. I absolutely love when Brock has breaks from school, even though my own work gets put on hold, because I feel like with everything else we truly don't get time together. So thank you Brock for taking me on my very first "real" date. I can honestly say I've never been on a real one before, even though it was obviously all in fun. Whenever I feel like I could be doing more God sends me these reminders that I'm doing something right when it comes to raising my child. Here we are before our fun date, sorry for the selfies but there's only the two of us so selfies are the way to go.

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