Friday, March 6, 2015

Autism Awareness Video for Brock

Over the last month I was working on a project for Brock...during all the fundraising for the Steps of Hope Walk I did a few give aways  for items I received with the team Assburgers logo on it..and had shirts made as well, so anyone who had gotten an item I asked if they'd send a picture of them using the item for this project. With Autism Awareness month right around the corner I wanted to do something special for Brock, something he could hold onto forever. There's so much I always want to say to him, but he isn't at a point where he'd understand through conversation. So I put together this video to show him how much support he has. When I was finished and sat Brock down to watch it, he ended up watching it on repeat for a good half an hour..he didn't say a word but kept squeezing my hand. The video is very emotional for me, because it was the first time I was able to show Brock all the love he's surrounded with. While he knows the word" I love you" and all that...I don't think he truly got it until he saw this. I'm going to try doing more visual things to show him what different feelings mean from me to him. Please enjoy. And feel free to share.
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