Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why I refuse to keep quiet

I get asked once in awhile, shouldn't you let your child decide who knows he has Autism? More often than not people whisper the word too, like it's something secretive and should only be spoken of in private. My answer is, and always will be a big resounding NO. I feel like if Brock having Autism is kept quiet around him and others he will feel that it is something to be ashamed of. Upon receiving a clinical diagnosis seven months ago, we were handed a huge stack of packets with a " Good luck. We used to work with Autism here but no longer do. Most specialists that do have a minimum of a year wait list." So if trained professionals didn't know a starting point for us, and couldn't offer sound advice, it's solely on my shoulders." Our experience and many others I've come to know who have children with ASD, proves that while the number of children who have Autism is on the rise ( 1 in 68) the knowledge and awarenes is not. If there's one thing I can do for Brock, I think being his voice is most important. I hope one day people won't skirt around Autism like it's shameful or embarrassing. But know that these children if given the chance like Brock has, can, do and will continue being just as important, productive members of our society like everyone else.

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