Thursday, November 13, 2014

You can't feed your kid butt burgers for breakfast (how literal Brock can take things)

I always try my hardest to be as open and honest as possible with Brock. He's to smart for his own good, and nothing gets past him. With all the testing he's had lately, and all the times I've had to go to his school he's had questions. So I decided this weekend we'd have a more in depth discussion. Brock knows he has a form of autism, and he thinks its cool he has something none of his friends have. I forget how literal at times Brock can take things, so when I got to the part where I told him the form of autism he has is called ASPERGERS, andhe started cracking up laughing.I asked him what's so's what Brock said: Mom you are disgusting. You can't feed your kid ASS BURGERS. That's so gross. And you can't swear around kids, its a butt. And I don't want butt burgers its breakfast time. So I got all hyped up for nothing, and my kid thinks I want to feed him butt burgers for breakfast. So I'm leaving technical terms to the professionals and hoping Brock doesn't tell his kindergarten class his mom tried to feed him ass burgers for breakfast.

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