Friday, November 21, 2014

You drink Camels Milk

So here's the deal, I love receiving advice and suggestions, but I don't like people telling me how to cure Brock's Autism. As of this day, there is no cure for Autism. When Brock was developing in utero it was decided that Autism would be a part of Brock. It's a package deal. My package deal, and I will do anything SAFE to help him succeed in life. I strongly believe Brock does not need to be medicated at this time, his behaviors can be controlled without a pill. There is no changing my mind on this. If at some point Brock feels he needs something, that decision is solely up to him. If you suggest a cure all, or a product that is 'proven' to reduce behaviors, please send me a reliable study of said product, and I will read through it, and bring it to Brocks Doctors, and Therapists to review. I will never make my child ingest anything that I myself wouldn't feel comfortable ingesting. I've heard of a lot of crazy treatments, the craziest being a bleach enema. I would never insert bleach in my body let alone my childs. It's called Miracle Mineral Solutions and it contains industrial strength bleach. Unfortunately many people have been hospitalized from this ''treatment.'' Raw Camels Milk was brought to my attention last week. The thought makes me personally want to throw up. While I read there is many health (puke) benefits to drinking camels milk, there is no valid proof it does anything for Autism. Chelation therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are the last two that have been emailed to me. While I appreciate the thought, Chelation sounds dangerous, Brock has no issues where I would consider it. And Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy would never happen. That would scare Brock shitless, and I'm afraid he'd regress by being exposed to that. Also I don't want to hear the name of a certain female celeb followed by vaccinations. I think she abused her celebrity by spouting off false facts. I don't care about anything she said. Other than that honestly I'm quite open to new ideas, as long as it's not followed by a cure all, or any harmful product. Read the fine print. I'm not looking to cure Brock. I'm interested in therapies that can help lessen behaviors so he can succeed in whatever he wants to do in life. I'm big into meditation, yoga, music therapy, and art as well. Things to help relax his mind. So if you have ideas that are similar to those, please feel free to email me.

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